Adjustable Kettlebell Handle UK, US Buyer and User Guide

Adjustable Kettlebell Handle UK, US Buyer and User Guide

Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar Review

Product Description

Adjustable kettlebells come in all shapes, sizes and design but there is a little known alternative to buying adjustable kettlebell that is called an adjustable kettlebell handle. I would like to use this article to shed light on adjustable kettlebell handles and when you should consider using it for your workout. I will also highlight some of adjustable kettlebell handles that are commercially available and point out where you can buy them from. There are also vast resources available online on this subject of adjustable kettlebell handle and there are also tutorial on DIY on how to make a kettlebell handle. I will not cover this topic exhaustively, but I will try as much as possible to answer these 5 questions:

 What is a kettlebell handle?

 What is an adjustable kettlebell handle?

Where can you buy adjustable kettlebell handle?

 What are the best adjustable kettlebell handles in the market?

 What are the best adjustable kettlebell handles in UK?

What is kettlebell handle?

Kettlebell handle is a metal bar that is designed to allow you to place Olympic weight plates on the metal bar and lock the plate from one or both side using different locking mechanism like spin locks or circular rivets. Kettlebell handles are an alternative solution to adjustable kettlebells since they allow you to adjust the weight by adding or removing Olympic weight plates depending on individual strength needs.

There is no standard kettlebell handle in the market and you too can make one at home. There are several DIY kettlebell handle tutorials freely available on YouTube, here is one of these DIY making kettlebell handle at home video.

What is an adjustable kettlebell handle?

There is a little different between a kettlebell handle and an adjustable kettlebell handle since they both work the same way but the latter may be more advanced in the design or the method of locking the weight.  Some people use the terms interchangeably and this brings us to the most important part of this article – where to buy adjustable kettlebell handles.

Where to buy adjustable kettlebell handles?

There are adjustable kettlebell handles that are commercially available and you can buy them at a discounted price on Amazon, to just mention a few examples, check out the following kettlebell handles listed on Amazon.

Best Kettlebell Handles in the Market

  •    Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle for Olympic Plates
  •    C-0290 Extra Wide Threaded Kettlebell Handle – Chrome Plated Solid Steel with Knurled Grip
  • Gorilla Sports Kettlebell Bar

What are the best adjustable kettlebell handles in UK?

Gorilla Sports kettlebell bar is the most suitable kettlebell handle for those customers who are in UK, since they can easily place an order from Amazon UK. You can read the full review of Gorilla Sports Kettlebell bar and understand its design, how it works, pros and the cons.

Best Alternatives to Kettlebell Handles

To sum up, I have two best alternatives to adjustable kettlebell handles; they are two very good adjustable kettlebells that I would personally consider before buying an adjustable kettlebell handle. The two adjustable kettlebells are:

Finally, to some people there is little or no difference between adjustable kettlebell and adjustable kettlebell handle. If there is not difference for you, you might consider Stamina 36 Pound adjustable kettlebell as one of the best products in this market niche.  I hope this article has helped set the record straight on what are adjustable kettlebell handles and where can one buy them. If there are more adjustable kettlebell handles in the market we will update the information here to keep you up to date.

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