Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar Review

Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar Review

Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar Review

Product Description

Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell bar is an adjustable kettlebell handle bar that has a weight range from 2.5 kg to 22.5 kg. It is one of the best kettlebell handle bar that suits any avid kettlebell user who wants to workout with an adjustable weight range. The kettlebell bar can be somewhat equivalent to an adjustable kettlebell but cannot fully help you achieve the satisfaction that comes with using one of the best adjustable kettlebells like the 36 pound stamina adjustable kettlebell or the CFF 40 pound adjustable kettlebell. Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell bar is designed with screwing mechanism that allow you to add weight and tightly screw it back after adding the weight. Let us evaluate its features in details for you to understand why should consider it as one of your workout weights. Here are the features of Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell bar:

Features of Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar

  • Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell Bar  can carry adjustable weight range  between 2.5Kg to 22.5Kg
  • You can instantly adapt the weight of your kettlebell, depending on your strength needs and the intensity of your workout regime.
  • Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell Bar offers you flexibility to add and remove weights from your kettlebell as you wish.
  • The weight of this adjustable handle bar is 2.5Kg
  • This kettlebell handle is suitable for use with all standard weight plates with a 30mm hole, which includes all weights available from Gorilla Sports.

Now let’s look at the pros and the cons of

Pros of Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar

  • The kettlebell handle bar is designed to make it very easy even for beginners to easily change weight plates.
  • You can quickly change the weight of the kettlebell to suit your needs just like other adjustable kettlebells such as Stamina 36 Pound Adjustable kettlebell or the CFF 40 lb Russian Adjustable kettlebell.
  • The handle bar offers you four different models that include – 5, 10, 15, 20 kg – this makes it suitable for a wide range of users, whether you are a kettlebell beginner or a seasoned kettlebell junkie, you will find Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell Bar to be a suitable tool for your everyday workout.
  • This kettlebell handle bar allows you to use all the standard weight plates that have 30mm hole. This makes it a great gym tool since it will save you the space you would require to keep a dozen of standard kettlebells.
  • The price is also good and can be a good start for those people who desire to own an adjustable kettlebell but does not have enough bucks to buy a good kettlebell like MIR Pro Adjustable kettlebell, which allows you to add weight up to 80 pounds.

Cons of Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar

  • The main problem as pointed out by users is the spin lock collars that are used to secure weight since they tend to unscrew and you may require am extra lockjaw collar to reinforce the weight, otherwise it is a good product generally.

Verdict – Gorilla Sports Adjustable Kettlebell Bar

I would like to sum-up my verdict in a few words – if you are looking for a different way to workout with adjustable weights without having the traditional adjustable kettlebells, then Gorilla Sports adjustable kettlebell Bar is a good option for you.

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