Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle for Olympic Plates by TDS

Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle for Olympic Plates by TDS

Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle for Olympic Plates

Product Description

Extra wide kettlebell handle is another awesome adjustable kettlebell handle for Olympic plates that is suitable as the best alternative to buying adjustable kettlebell. Adjustable kettlebell handles allow you to add weight to the handle bar just as you add weight to adjustable kettlebell like my favorite Stamina 36- Pound Adjustable kettlebell or Mir Pro adjustable kettlebell. If you have no idea what kettlebell handles are, this article may be a good place to get you started – Adjustable kettlebell handle UK, US Buyer and User Guide. Extra wide kettlebell handle is made by TDS an industry leader in making wide handle kettlebells like the 70lb wide handle kettlebell or the 50 lb wide handle standard kettlebell. In words of my gym buddy, TDS kettlebells qualify to be ‘stuff of legends!’ Let us evaluate the features of Extra wide kettlebell handle and find out why you should consider it as an alternative to any of the top 10 adjustable kettlebells.

Features of Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle for Olympic Plates

  • This is a Heavy Duty 2″ Pipe that can withstand significant amount of weight added to the kettlebell handle and can be fit for tough strength training with Olympic plates as alternative to kettlebells like MIR Pro Adjustable kettlebell.
  • Extra wide kettlebell handle is designed with two chrome plated collars that lock the weight tight making it easy and safe for you to use this adjustable kettlebell handle for a wide range of kettlebell workouts seen in the top 20 kettlebell workout DVDs.
  • This kettlebell handle can hold 10 Olympic plates each weighing 10 lb so you can work out with 100 lb weight with Extra Wide Kettlebell handle. This can only be compared to two other adjustable kettlebells that can hold 80 pounds weight and moreMir Pro Adjustable kettlebell can handle 83 pounds while kettlebud adjustable kettlebell can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.  If you are looking for a kettlebell that holds up to 100 pounds Extra Wide kettlebell handle is a good option.
  • The grip length is “12″ that is why it is wide enough to allow you to do a most kettlebell exercises seen in Skogg System Kettlebell Workout DVD.
  • TDS is a reputable brand for making tough kettlebell products and they have a record speed in shipping and delivery. If I would invest in any product for advanced kettlebell training, TDS product would be on top of my list.

Verdict – Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle for Olympic Plates

This kettlebell handle is one of the best I have seen in the industry though there are few kettlebell handles to compare it to. If you want something like a kettlebell handle, instead of spending time making one yourself, the price of Extra Wide Kettlebell Handle is very affordable and can be a great place for you to start working out with adjustable kettlebell handle. I would definitely recommend this product as fit for tough kettlebell users who want something new. You can learn more about this kettlebell handle from Amazon Frequently Asked Questions Section; you can also see other customers’ feedback and make a decision as to whether it is fit for your workout regime.

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