Where to Buy Kettlebells : 5 Best Places to Buy

Where to Buy Kettlebells : 5 Best Places to Buy

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In my recent post I explained what are kettlebells, their history, their sizes and other details. Now let’s focus on where to buy kettlebells and how to get the best deals while shopping for kettlebells. Personally, I prefer to buy from Amazon since they ship them quickly and I can see other customers’ experiences with individual weights. The average customer rating is an important guide for me. Let me examine the different ways you can acquire a set of kettlebells outlining the pros and cons of each of the ways to buy kettlebells.

             #1 Amazon – Where to Buy Kettlebells Where to Buy Kettlebells

When you are thinking about where to buy kettlebells the first place you should consider is obviously Amazon. Amazon like any other website or gym shop stand out as a great place to buy kettlebells since you can get great prices, discounts, convenient delivery and even easy returns. Amazon is also a unique place to buy kettlebells since you are going to choose the best since there are several customer reviews that should help shape up your decision. Amazon also stocks a wide range of kettlebells and all the brands you would like to buy.

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             #2 Buy Kettlebells from Local Sports or Gym Shop

It’s quite obvious that one of the places where to buy kettlebells is from your local sports shop. There are many sports shop across the US that I know stock different weights, kettlebells are not exceptional. There also numerous supermarkets that have a section dedicated for weights and you may pick your preferred kettlebells from this section. The beauty of this approach is the fact that you can walk in and pick and walk out with the weight. There may also be customer’s discounts but the down side is the fact that you will have to go to the shop. If you have a busy schedule this may not save you time. Buying online may be the best alternative to buy your best set of kettlebells. But where do you buy kettlebells online other than Amazon?

         #3 Buy used Kettlebells from Ebay

If you are looking for used kettlebells; the best place to start your search should be eBay. This is an auction website that allows you to buy a wide range of products. The pro of buying used kettlebells from eBay is certainly the fact that you are going to buy them from a low price but the conditions of the kettlebells may vary depending on the seller. There may also be other limitation of buying used kettlebells from eBay that related to the seller you are buying fromWhere to Buy Kettlebells. Location of the seller may also delay your shipping and at times not everything may be certain with an auction. Nevertheless, if you are looking for used kettlebells this auction website should be a good place to start.

           #4 Buy Kettlebells from Independent Online eCommerce Shops

Another alternative to eBay is buying from eCommerce shops online, you may take advantages of the various discounts you come across in online sports shops but you should exercise caution. Always buy from those people who are reputable in the industry and have been rated by credible institutions like Better Business Bureau.

           #5 Buy Kettlebells from Manufacturers Websites

There are different manufacturers who offer products from their websites and kettlebells are not exceptional. You should research in the different kettlebell manufacturers and look for their distributors or official eCommerce websites.

Personally, all my kettlebells are from Amazon and I am satisfied by the fact that the delivery is fast, reliable and I can always read several reviews before I settle on one kettlebell. I recently bought 60lb CAP barbell Kettlebell and was pleased by the fabulous price and quick delivery.

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