Top 10 Benefits of Kettlebell Training for You

Top 10 Benefits of Kettlebell Training for You

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Benefits of kettlebell training include increased strength, endurance and well toned muscles. This sounds good, but why is it that not everyone is into kettlebell training? The best answer for this question is, not everyone knows about the benefits of kettlebell workout. I regard kettlebell training as a good shortcut to results many people desire but wait first; it’s not a walk in the park! You need to do the right kettlebell exercises for you to get Benefits of Kettlebell Training all these benefits, we are just about to unravel right here! If kettlebell training is completely new to you; Kettlebell for Dummies could be the best post to get you started.

How I Started Kettlebell Training

I have been working out with kettlebells and have significantly gained mass as well as increased my strength immensely. I first heard about kettlebell training from a work out buddy who was interested in strength training and short distance sprint running. He confessed to me how using a regime of routine workouts he had amassed so much strength and improved in his sprints. From that point I got hooked with kettlebell training and the results have been great as well as the pain, just like the old poster quote in my local gym ‘no pain no gain’.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

So let’s look at the benefits of kettlebell training to encourage you to get started with kettlebell training. Before we start you obviously own pair of kettlebells if you don’t still own you can go to Amazon HERE and order your set or pair. You can also look at this post on Where to buy Kettlebells. When you have your kettlebells, you need to look for a good workout plan to enable you accrue all these benefits. The road ahead will not be easy but the results of kettlebell training are worth every effort.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 1: Strengthen Training Where to Buy Kettlebells

If you are like my workout buddy looking to increase your strength, kettlebell training is very useful for strength training. Just like most personal trainers will tell you; kettlebell training allows you to build strength of your arms, legs, back and even the abs. You should use your kettlebell to perform a wide range of exercises for holistic strength training. Some of the exercises you should perform include kettlebell squats, kettlebell swings and pushups as well.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 2: Cardio Training – Good for your Heart

Kettlebell training as you will find out when you start gets intense as you continue with the exercises. At the start it may seem to be easy but it gets tougher as you get along. This is important since these workouts increase your heart and lungs activity and therefore it’s an effective cardio work out. I would compare intense kettlebell training to running several kilometers. It not only helps increase your body strength but also improve your cardiac health. To get the best results you need to combine a number of sets of kettlebell exercises; you should also make this your training routine or as part of your warm up before you get to weight lifting.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 3: Weight Loss

This is one of the most publicized benefits of kettlebell training. It has been evident that kettlebell training is helping thousands of people across America to lose weight since the correct kettlebell workout burns several calories and is way better than attending most of the exercises or slimming programs. The weight loss results using kettlebell training can only be achieved if you are going to be discipline and stick to your routine kettlebell workout.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 4: Build Muscles

As I mentioned above, I started working out when I was a ‘lean good for nothing lad ‘! I was always a subject of ridicule something that pushed me to gain some mass. Although I have had experience with dumbbells and other weight, since I started kettlebell training my mass gain has been significantly high and within a shorter period of time. I can attest to the fact that kettlebell training like other weights helps in muscle building.

Where to Buy KettlebellsKettlebell Training Benefit # 5: Endurance Training

This has been one of my toughest parts of my entire workout. Endurance training goes hand in hand with strength training and some people consider them as one thing. Kettlebell training like dumbbells allow you to time your strength as you work out and see how long you can get. You should keep improving your endurance and kettlebell training is a perfect endurance training work out. You will generally increase your stamina with every endurance training workout you undertake.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 6: Balance Training

Kettlebell training is particularly useful for training to maintain balance as you shift the weight. When you are working out with kettlebells you should offset your center of gravity to help you improve your body balance. I have seen guys who work out with kettlebells on standing on one foot and lifting the pair of kettlebell held close to the chest.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 7: Improving Flexibility

One of the benefits of kettlebell training we cannot overlook is the fact that they greatly improve your flexibility. This is achieved since there are a variety of workouts that can be done with kettlebells that are not easily done with other weight like the dumbbells. Kettlebell swing training is one of the best workouts that will help improve your body flexibility.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 8: Adaptable Workouts Routine Good for Beginners

Kettlebell training unlike other weight training allows you to training from anywhere since you can carry kettlebells to any place. Kettlebells come in varying sizes with the least being 15 pounds and there are also several portable kettlebells that come with their bags. This allows you to have an adaptable workout routine. This is particularly good for beginners since they can keep up with building morale for the kettlebell workout routine.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 9: Simple Home Workout

If you want to work out at home without going to the gym on daily basis; kettlebell training can be a great way to get you in shape. Kettlebell training is available in DVDs that allow staying at home and working out every day. You can get the best benefits of kettlebell training if you combine a good Kettlebell training DVD and appropriate adjustable kettlebell weight.

Kettlebell Training Benefit # 10: Cheap Kettlebells Easily Available

When you are training there are a number of costs you must incur; whether you choose to train from home or join a gym, spending some money is inevitable. If you are on a lean budget a good kettlebell training should be your starting point. You can get the benefits of kettlebell training with only a pair or set of kettlebells. You can get kettlebells weights for as low as $20, which helps you get started immediately. You can look at these 5 Best places to buy Kettlebells and get started immediately. If you want to take advantage of Amazon Discounts check out the Cheapest Kettlebells Weights on Amazon.

Please let me know if you would like some assistance, feel free to get in touch with me or share your feedback on the comments section below.

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