J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

J fit Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

Product Description

J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell is a tough standard kettlebell from reputable brand- j/FIT that is made of cast iron with a gray paint that offers extra protection. If you are looking for a standard kettlebell, J/fit kettlebells are some of the best sets that are suitable for a home gym. The J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebellis smooth, solid and the tough steel handle is smooth enough which makes it one of the most comfortable kettlebells you can use for home kettlebell work out. This kettlebell in particular is one of my favorites from J/fit since it’s made of cast iron that not only provides you with the compact weight you need but is certainly durable. Let us evaluate the features of in details and find out if its suitable for you, here is the summary of specific J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebellfeatures of this weight:

Features of J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • J Fit cast iron kettlebellis an old-school kettlebell made from cast-iron and has a gray paint for protection from elements. This extra finish gives the kettlebell a great look.
  • It is smooth on the surface and the handle is made of solid steel with a smooth finish for a comfortable grip
  • The outside color is gray paint that adds the extra protection making it suitable for use at home as well as in a gym environment.
  • J Fit Cast iron kettlebell is fit for indoor use and is tough enough for any outdoor use
  • You can use this single 30-pound kettlebell for developing strength, power, endurance, and balance and can be used with any of these top 20 kettlebell workout DVDs to achieve any desirable results.

Pros of J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell

  •   The handle of J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell made of steel and it is therefore very tough and has enough room for use with double hands kettlebell exercises.
  • The kettlebell is made of cast iron which is curved to the traditional kettlebell shape and is tough enough for all environments.
  •  The painted exterior is good since it is not as smooth as some of the vinyl coated kettlebells that can slip between the hands when in use. In fact the paint is glossy in appearance but not slick, so you can use the kettlebell for these exercises.
  •  Very durable and can withstand any dropping without damage to the weight, this is a big plus for use of J fit cast iron kettlebell in a gym environment.

Cons of J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell

  •  The bottoms are not 100% flat and this may not be suitable for those people looking for kettlebell with a flat bottom since they will not get the best with J fit cast iron kettlebell.

Verdict – J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell

I would generally recommend this kettlebell to someone looking for a cast iron standard kettlebell for use at home or in a gym. J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell delivers value for money. You can check out J Fit Cast Iron Kettlebell Amazon to see more customer reports and reviews as well as place an order at a discounted price.

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