Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell Review

Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell Review

Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell Review

Product Description

Body-Solid Premium kettlebell is another fairly price standard kettlebell brand that high quality and is suitable for a home gym. Body-Solid Premium kettlebell can be used for a wide range of exercises that include arms, legs, core and back exercises. You can use this kettlebell for any workout regime outlined in any of these top 20 kettlebell workout DVD. Body-Solid Premium kettlebell is made from iron and is finely coated in rubber to ensure it is the ultimate workout tool for your home gym. Body-Solid Premium kettlebell is suitable for diverse workout environment and unlike other standard kettlebells it does not chip making it a unique kettlebell in the marketplace. Let us evaluate the different features of this weight and find out why it is unique from other standard kettlebells.

Features of Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell

  • This kettlebell is crafted of iron which makes it a very durable kettlebell that you will use for many years without any damage to the core weight.
  • The exterior of Body-Solid Premium kettlebellis carefully covered in rubber coating which ensures there is absolutely no chipping like other kettlebells. The rubber coating also acts as a great cushion when the kettlebell is placed on the floor since there is no damage to the floor.
  • The handle is designed to be chip-resistant and is chrome plated to give the kettlebell an outstanding visual appeal.
  • Body-Solid Premium kettlebell has easy-to-read poundage marking which makes it easy for you to identify the kettlebell by weight when it’s packed on a kettlebells rack or among other weights.
  • Body-Solid Premium kettlebell is available in a variety of weights and you can choose to buy one or a set depending on your workout objectives or your strength needs.

Pros of Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell

  • This kettlebell has a great rubber coating I have not seen in many other kettlebells and this makes a unique weight in the market. It is therefore a good kettlebell for anyone who wants to workout at home.
  • The Body–Solid Premium kettlebellscomes in variety of weight categories and it can be good for anyone looking a set of standard kettlebells that are unique
  • This kettlebells has a nice chrome handle, something I like about it. I love chrome stuff. The handle is also wide enough to accommodate my two hands for double hand kettlebell exercises.
  • The kettlebell does not chip and it is good for use on my floor since it does not damage my floor, the rubber cover is an awesome coat.
  • Body-Solid Premium kettlebellhas a clearly labeled pounds marking so it’s easier to identify the weight.

Verdict – Body-Solid Premium Kettlebell

This is a kettlebell I would put my money on. I like the fact that it is designed with a rubber coating, the chrome handle is also a plus for me. I would recommend this kettlebell for anyone looking for a unique set of standard kettlebells and they want value for money. You can learn more about Body-Solid Premium kettlebell from Amazon and also see other customer reports sharing their experience with this weight. Check out Body-solid Premium kettlebell on Amazon and also place an order at a discounted price.

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