50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell by TDS Review

50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell by TDS Review

50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

Product Description

50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell is another tough heavyweight standard kettlebell from TDS. Just like the 70 lb wide handle kettlebell, the 50 pound is the lighter version that is made with the same quality metal and the same standards. This is a kettlebell that is the ultimate work out tool for those people willing to go the extra mile in kettlebell training. The 50 lb kettlebell will definitely allow you to build great strength and unimaginable endurance. As carefully evaluate this 50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell,allow me to remind you one quick fact about the manufacturer; they have the record speed delivery we have seen in the entire industry. This is seen in many customer reports and feedbacks. If you want a 50lb wide handle kettlebellthat comes on the same day shipping, this is the kettlebell you should order.

Features of 50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

  • This is the best kettlebell for heavy kettlebell lifters who wants to take the kettlebell exercises to the other level. If you want to upgrade your kettlebell exercises from lighter adjustable kettlebell like 36 pound Stamina Adjustable kettlebell, then you should first consider this 50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell then slowly upgrade to the ultimate ‘beast’ the 70lb Wide Handle Kettlebell, or you should try the CFF Goliath 56 kg kettlebell it’s a good kettlebell too.
  •  This kettlebell has a wide handle with enough room to accommodate two hands for double hands kettlebell exercises. This series of kettlebells by TDS are specifically designed with wide handle to allow users to undertake a wide range of kettlebell exercises.
  •  This kettlebell is made of solid metal and the weight is 50 pounds and comes packaged in a good package and the customer service offered is above board. If you want a seller who minds the customer TDS does exactly that. In once incident a customer mentioned the kettlebell was stolen en-route to the buyer and the seller was able to resend it quickly and effectively.

Verdict- 50 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

This 50lb Wide handle kettlebellfrom TDS is a great workout tool for someone looking for a heavy kettlebell. I would not hesitate to recommend this kettlebell since it comes at an excellent price and is high quality product. Finally, I have reviewed hundreds of kettlebells on this website but one thing that remains consistent with TDS products is their great customer support and speedy delivery.

If these two factors matters to you, then you should consider this kettlebell relative to other standard 50lb kettlebell in the market. You can learn more about this weight by checking the latest customer reports and feedback on Amazon –Check out 50 lb wide handle kettlebell on Amazon.

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