CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg “Goliath” Review

CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg “Goliath” Review

CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell - 56kg "Goliath"

Product Description

CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – Goliath is another creative product from CFF one of my favorite kettlebell manufacturer. The value that comes with CFF kettlebells cannot be overemphasized since they always come up with high quality a product that fits across array of users. Whether you are a CrossFit trainee, MMA training enthusiast or just the ordinary bloke who aspires to have ads, CFF products are a must try for you. Goliath is another CFF product that is 56kg and of high quality like other standard kettlebells of this brand as well as the best CFF 40lb adjustable kettlebell.  Just in the words of the maker, this is one of the ‘baddest’ kettlebells they have ever made. I like the monster series since it assures me that I have still a long way to go before, I can say am a kettlebell master. Let us look at what the CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath has to offer:

Features of CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath

  • If you have conquered all this light kettlebells, then you should try something heavy like Goliath since it’s in a league of its own. The color is black and it is carefully curved from one should casting that makes it the most compact kettlebell you will ever come across.
  • You can get a wide range of weight categories that includes ‘Goliath – 56 kg’ the range is from 32 to72kg (79-158lb) of monsters. The sizes that are available are as follows :
    • 36kg (79.2lb) “The Crusher”
      •40kg (88.0lb) “The Destroyer”
      •44kg (96.8lb) “The Bull”
      •48kg (105.6lb) “The Reaper”
      •52kg (114.4lb) “Big Betty”
      •56kg (123.2lb) “Goliath”
      •60kg (132.0lb) “Titan”
      •72kg (158.2lb) “Dementor”
  • CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath is the most durable kettlebell you can ever own, it is made of single casting (including handle) which ensures it last for a long time compared to those kettlebells that have a handle welded on the body.
  • This kettlebell is suitable for extreme workout and can be used in both gym environment as well as home or garage gym.
  • CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath is attractively black with an enamel finish that gives it a lasting shine that does not fade even after several months of continuous use of this weight.
  • The kettlebell is designed with a 5.5″ space inside between the handle which allows you to use it for single hand as well as the double hand kettlebell workouts. You can learn more about these kettlebells from one of these 20 bestselling kettlebell workout DVDs.
  • CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath is designed with a stable flat bottom that makes it suitable for those kettlebell exercises that require flat bottom like kettlebell pushups
  • The handle diameter is 42mm in diameter and has 5.5″ spacing between sides making it qualify for the nickname – Goliath, you have to use this kettlebell to appreciate its value!

Verdict- CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath   

This is another great product from CFF that delivers a great value for money. I have used CFF products severally and I believe they are one of the best kettlebell manufacturers here in the US. This kettlebell is highly recommended for people who are into serious strength training and anyone who wants to achieve great body building results. You can learn more about CFF Monster Russian Kettlebell – 56kg Goliath from Amazon and get it at a discounted price.


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