Kettlebell Workout Plan

Kettlebell Workout Plan


Are you new to kettlebell training? Perhaps you’ve just bought your first kettlebell set and are looking for some kettlebell workout routines to get you started? Well you’re in the right place. As well as the 20 part kettlebell workout series (I’m currently writing), I wanted to share with you a downloadable Kettlebell Workout Plan for beginners that you can use for your first few weeks of kettlebell training.

3 Day Kettlebell Workout Plan

kettlebell-workout-planThe 3 day plan is written for beginners and combines regular dynamic exercises with a number of kettlebell workout routines. To get the most from this plan you should complete the three days over the course of a week and repeat for 5 weeks.

  • Day 1: Consists of 8 different dynamic exercises you can complete without any kettlebells. This will prepare your body and muscles for days 2 and 3.
  • Day 2: Introduces you to 8 different kettlebell workouts that focus on the lower body.
  • Day 3: Introduces you to 8 more kettlebell workouts that cover the lower, mid and upper body.

You’ll probably ache a little the following day after the first couple of workouts but you’ll start noticing a change in your body towards the end of the 5 weeks.

Remember that you should never go into any form of excercise cold. Always complete a warm-up prior to beginning the kettlebell workout plan.


  • The kettlebell workout plan includes the excercise as well as the suggested repetitions (reps), sets and rest time. You should aim to complete each day in roughly 1 hour (excluding warm-up)
  • The kettlebell weights next to the excercise are there as a guide only. If you are using an adjustable kettlebell you should adjust the weight setting to something you are comfortable with. Never try to lift too much. Less is more.

You can download the Kettlebell Workout Plan here.

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