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What Size Kettlebell?

what kettlebell size
One of the most common question I get asked is what size kettlebell do I need? By this, people are usually referring to kettlebell weight. Unfortunately it’s not ...
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Kettlebell Workout Plan

Kettlebell Workout Routines
Are you new to kettlebell training? Perhaps you’ve just bought your first kettlebell set and are looking for some kettlebell workout routines to get you started? Well you’re ...
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Kettlebell Slingshot

Kettlebell Workout Routines
In part four of my kettlebell workout guide I’m introducing you to the Kettlebell Slingshot.  This is a simple routine to master and often used as a kettlebell warm-up excercise. Since this ...
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Kettlebell Windmill

kettlebell windmill
Kettlebell Workout Routines
Welcome to the third instalment of our kettlebell workout guide. This week you’re in for a treat. Today we’re talking about the kettlebell windmill excercise. It’s renowned as ...
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Bulgarian Bag Workout Guide 2016

bulgarian bag
Bulgarian Bag Guide Are you looking to add some variety to your regular kettlebell workouts? Perhaps you’ve heard of a new piece of gym equipment called the Bulgarian Bag? Originally developed ...
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