Weider SpaceSaver 20-Pound Adjustable Kettlebell

Weider SpaceSaver 20-Pound Adjustable Kettlebell

Just like most adjustable kettlebells, the Weider spacesaver 20 pounds adjustable kettlebell is designed with the aim of ensuring that you can have up to 20 pounds of weight in a single kettlebell thus saving your workout space that would otherwise be occupied by several kettlebells of different weight. Kettlebells come in different shapes and sizes; however, most kettlebells are designed to be smaller but can hold a relatively large amount of weight.

Product description

The Weider spacesaver 20 pounds also referred to as the PowerBell is an adjustable kettlebell that can be used for cardio fitness, strength training, burning fat and building muscle. It is 10.5 x 9 x 7 inches and weighs 21 pounds. It consists of a handle and six 2.5 pounds plates that you can add to the handle to the handle for different resistance levels. The handle is noticeably larger that most kettlebells handles. It has a locking system that makes sure that the weights won’t fall out.This kettlebell is designed for people who want to perform exercises using different resistance levels without purchasing more weights. The kettelbell also comes with a DVD and a healthy eating guide to help you harmonize your nutrition to your fitness regime for efficient results.


weider spacesaver 20 pounnd adjustable kettlebell 1

  • PowerBell Handle
  • Six 2.5 pound weights

The Powerbell handle

The Powerbell handle is oversized. It is powder-coated, non-slippery and easy to transition from hand to hand thus it is very user friendly. The handle weighs 5 pounds and has a locking system that makes sure that the weights won’t fall out.

Six weight plates

The six weight plates can be added or removed from the PowerBell handle to increase or reduce resistance levels. Each of the weight plates weights weigh 2.5 pounds making a total of 15 pound.

Product manufacturer

The PowerBell is one of the many training and strength products from Weider. Weider is an award-winning training and strength products company that have been in the industry for over 50 years.


  • The space-saving 20-pound KettleBell is ideal for home workouts since it is adjustable.
  • You can quickly adjust from 5 to 20 pounds in 2.5-pound increments.
  • The oversized, powder-coated handle is user-friendly and non-slippery.
  • It comes with a training DVD that takes you through full-body workout.
  • This kettlebel can be used to increase core strength, burns fat, build muscle, and boost cardio fitness.


  • It feels uncomfortable during over-the-arm moves.
  • It can be noisy since the plates clank together.
  • The handle is fragile


The PowerBell can be of great help to anyone who does not have time to snick into the gym or someone who wants to save money spent on gym membership. You can use it at home to burn fat, build muscles and for cardio exercises. The DVD offers you some insight on some great exercises and moves you can try out at home; however, be careful not to drop it since the top of the handke is made of plastic which can break when you drop it. Just us its name suggests it saves you space that you would need to store several kettlebells since it works like 7 kettlebells in one. For those who need more weight you can purchase the 40 pound version of the PowerBell.

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