Kettlebell Exercise Cards by Strength Stack 52 Review

Kettlebell Exercise Cards by Strength Stack 52 Review

Kettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52

Product Description

Kettlebell exercise cards by Strength Stack 52 is one of many creative kettlebell workout products that are designed to help kettlebell users to keep up with daily kettlebell workouts that can sometimes turnout to be very monotonous. Just like a good kettlebell workout DVD such as RKS DVD, the cards are meant to ensure you don’t give up with your kettlebell workout routine and more importantly an easy way to keep your group kettlebell work out motivated. Kettlebell exercise cards idea is drawn from the ordinary playing cards pack that contains 52 cards.

Each of these cards is given a certain set of kettlebell exercises to be undertaken whenever the card is picked by the user. You can shuffle the cards pick one then workout. In a group work out it can be used as a challenge where opponents pick a card for you to perform those exercises on that card. Let us look in details at the specific features of theKettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52.

Features of Kettlebell Exercise Cards by Strength Stack 52

  • The deck of cards contains all 104 exercises in the Kettlebell Stack 52 Series that have difficulty that range from beginner to advanced kettlebell workout.
  • This kettlebell exercises on Kettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52  targets every muscle group that includes Legs (19 exercises), Arms (9), Chest (8), Shoulders (7), Back (4), Abs (17), Cardio (19), and Full Body (21), this is  whole body workout that guarantees you great results upon completion of these exercises.
  • Kettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52 gives you the rare opportunity to quickly create a unique workout plan which helps you to kill the monotony that comes with the same daily kettlebell workout. You can also learn more on how to create unique workout plans using the cards from the website of the cards maker. You can learn more about strength stack 52 from Amazon where the cards are sold at discounted price.
  • This is the simplest way to learn how to work out with kettlebells since the cards come with an illustration and description that explains how to perform the exercise. Instead of spending hours watching the top 30 YouTube kettlebell workout videos, it may be helpful to buy this deck of cards that is newbie friendly to get you started fast and immediately.
  • If you are in a group work out, the deck of cards will definitely make exercise more fan as you compete with your workout buddies or friends.
  • The last but very important consideration is the fact that the Kettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52 are sold with 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE, you can therefore place your order kettlebell exercises cards on Amazon with confidence.

Quick Summary Contents: Kettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52

This kettlebell Stack 52 contains 55 cards. They are of 8 different colors with each color representing the dominate muscle group to be worked.

The Kettlebell Duo Pack contains 110 cards with the exercise as follows in summary:

  • 11 Leg exercises (Duo Pack: 19)
  • 4 Arm exercises (Duo Pack: 9)
  • 5 Chest exercises (Duo Pack: 8)
  • 5 Shoulder exercise (Duo Pack: 7)
  • 4 Back exercises (Duo Pack: 4)
  • 9 Abdominal/Core exercises (Duo Pack: 17)
  • 5 Cardio exercises (Duo Pack: 19)
  • 9 Full body compound exercises (Duo Pack: 21)
  • 4 Instructional Cards

Verdict – Kettlebell Exercise Cards

These cards are worth and can be an important aid in helping kettlebell beginners get started with exercises as well as helping kettlebell pros to stay on course and exercise while having fan. I personally like the unpredictable nature of kettlebell exercise since when I shuffle the cards I would be very anxious. Get your kettlebell exercises cards today  and experience a different way of working out with kettlebells.Check out the Kettlebell Exercises Cards by Strength Stack 52 from Amazon and place your order today!

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