Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells Review

Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells Review

Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

Product Description

Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells are standard kettlebells that are ideal for strength training, group exercises and muscle toning. These are vinyl coated kettlebells and they are not as popular as other brands of kettlebells here in the US but they are equally good and fairly priced. This weight we are focusing on in this review is the 16 kg Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebell that is orange in color and fit for beginners who wants to get started with kettlebell work out. This kettlebell is also good for anyone who wants to buy a set of kettlebells since Fitness Republic also have other standard kettlebells of other weigh levels. If you are not sure on the best kettlebell for you I would recommend the adjustable kettlebell I use on daily basis and still remains the best fitness equipment purchase decision I have ever made. Read the review of 36 Pound Stamina Adjustable Kettlebell or check outStamina Adjustable Kettlebell in Amazon

Features of Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

  •  Fitness Republic Kettlebells are great for a wide range of exercises that may include for powerwalks, bodybuilding, strengthening and conditioning muscles, group exercises, alleviating stress, physical therapy and other kettlebell exercises seen in the 20 best kettlebell DVDs.
  • Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebell is vinyl coat to increase the durability as well as reduce noise during workout. The Vinyl coat is also useful in protecting the floor and enhancing the appearance of the kettle.
  • Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebells are very easy to clean since they have a smooth vinyl finish as mentioned above.
  • The bottom of this kettlebell is flat bottom making it perfect for kettlebell exercises that require flat bottom. This flat bottom design also prevents rolling and makes kettlebell easy to store in a kettlebell rack like – SPRI kettlebell rack that holds up to 2-3 kettlebells on each shelf.
  • The handle is black enamel which is painted and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands. The handle is relatively wide and can fit both hands for double kettlebell exercises.
  •  Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebellis carefully molded of high quality cast iron and it is built to last any kettlebell workout environment.
  • The total weight of this kettlebell is 16kg and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 Months)

Verdict – Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

This kettlebell is good for you to use in any full body work out exercises and comes at a fairly good price. I like all cast iron kettlebells since they are going to last long. Secondly, like other vinyl coated kettlebell Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebell does not damage the floor something that is important to me. I would recommend this kettlebell to customers looking for alternatives to other kettlebell brands and they want to have a completely new experience with a different kettlebell. Please check out Fitness Republic Vinyl Coated Kettlebelland see what other customer feedback.

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