J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells Review

J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells Review

1J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells

Product Description

J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells are a great set of non-adjustable kettlebells that are fit for a home gym. This set of standard kettlebells is suitable for use in a variety of kettlebell exercises that are illustrated in any of the top 20 best kettlebell workout DVDs. Before you buy J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells, it’s important you learn about the features of these kettlebells and read more reviews of 1J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells on Amazon. This will help you make a better decision on whether J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells are suitable for your kettlebell training. Let us now look in details at the specific features of this kettlebells:

Features of J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells

  • The design of J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells features a Smooth 1-Inch diameter steel handle for a comfortable grip with minimal strain on your hands when used for either single or double hands kettlebell exercises.
  • The kettlebell is encased in vinyl that helps to reduce noise and prevents damage to floors when the weight is placed against the floor or when it is accidentally dropped.
  • This weight is specifically design for indoor use only as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • 1J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells allows you to choose from a wide range of weight categories; 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, or a 35-Pound; you can choose the best weight suited for your workout needs. For accuracy in the price of each weight category, it is advisable you check the latest price of J Fit Vinyl Kettlebell on Amazon.
  • Handles are made of steel and are solid making it one of the most durable kettlebells out there.
  • The purchase includes a single vinyl kettlebell and you can buy a set of J Fit Vinyl Kettlebell if you prefer to upgrade your kettlebell workout by increasing weight resistance. If you still cannot figure out what weight is good for you, check out the adjustable kettlebell that allow you to adjust weight and they come at an affordable price. Buying am adjustable kettlebell like Stamina 36 pound adjustable kettlebell or CFF Adjustable kettlebell, would be equivalent to buying a whole set of 1J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells.

Pros of J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells

  • J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells are solid and with good design, they are easy to use with a wide range of kettlebell training DVDs as well as the FREE YouTube Kettlebell channels.
  • The weight range is good making it easy to choose one of the weight or a set depending on your strength needs.
  • They are color coded to differentiate the weights category making it easier for you when placing an order.
  • 1 inch handle with a smooth finish guarantees a comfortable grip and makes it suitable for one or two hands kettlebell exercises.
  • The vinyl finish makes the kettlebell appealing and prevents damage to the floor.
  • Fairly priced based on the quality, the price is affordable since you can buy each kettlebell based on the weight category and save a great deal of cost especially if you buy J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells on Amazon.

Cons of J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells

  • Most people who have previously reviewed J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells have not mentioned any shortcoming, as  a matter of fact most people who reviewed this weight across all the online sports stores said they like it since it maintains the same shine or quality even after 12 or even 18 months of using it. For updated reviews on this weight, it is advisable to check 1J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells on Amazon.

Verdict – J Fit Vinyl Kettlebells

I think it is a fairly good kettlebell for those people who do not want to explore the beauty of adjustable kettlebells. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a wide weight range standard kettlebell at an affordable price.

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