What Size Kettlebell Should a Beginner Use?

What Size Kettlebell Should a Beginner Use?

What Size Kettlebell Should A Beginner Use?


What size kettlebell should a beginner use? This is the most common question I receive frequently on a weekly basis since I started writing about kettlebell reviews for the last 3 years. Every beginner out there needs to know that the kettlebell they choose as the first kettlebell for their workout, largely depend on a number of factors. The factors may be cost, workout objectives and whether they want to train at home or in the gym.

Kettlebell Size Should Correlate to Strength Needs

The size of the kettlebell used by beginners can also vary depending on individual strengths. If you have been working out with other weights like dumbbells, using kettlebells will not be a challenge. Nevertheless, you should evaluate your individual strength needs before settling for a kettlebell. If you can comfortably workout with a 20lb dumbbell then a kettlebell with a weight range of 20-40 is most suitable for you.

To save on the cost, you may want to by an adjustable kettlebell instead of buying several standard kettlebells. In this case a good example would be the Rocketlok 24-36 adjustable kettlebell. Buying an adjustable kettlebell also allows you to have the capability of scaling your strength training and endurance without buying a new kettlebell.

Adjustable Kettlebell or Normal Kettlebell

Most new kettlebell users are comfortable working out with a simple standard kettlebell like – CAP Barbell Kettlebell but as they progress in training they realize they need something better. Adjustable kettlebell is one that allows users to add or remove weight according to their strength needs. When I first started with kettlebells, I decided I needed one kettlebell and a J/fit standard kettlebell since that is what I needed. Soon after several kettlebell workouts using the Skogg Kettlebell DVD and scores of the best Kettlebell workout videos on YouTube, I realized I had outlived my kettlebell.

I researched for the best kettlebell brands but also paid close attention to my new discovery – adjustable kettlebells. Initially, I thought it would be convenient to have several kettlebells then buy a rack like the SPRI kettlebell Rack not until I discovered the value that comes with adjustable kettlebells, I ordered 36 pound Stamina adjustable kettlebell, since then I have not looked back.

Final Remarks

The size of kettlebell should be determined by your strength needs and whether you want to scale your training in future. I think buying an adjustable kettlebell like the Titan Fitness 5lb-40lb adjustable kettlebell is the best investment for any beginner who wants to scale their training.

If you just want to have a good time swinging kettlebells, then any standard kettlebell will suit your needs. Check out some of the bestselling both standard and adjustable kettlebells on Amazon.

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