KettleWorX Kickstart Kit Review

KettleWorX Kickstart Kit Review

KettleWorX Kickstart Kit Review

Product Description

KettleWorX Kickstart Kit is one of the best kettlebell kits in the industry that reminds me of the bestselling kettlebell training kit – Gaiam Kettlenetics Slim and Tone Kit  KettleWorX Kickstart Kit is no different but a high quality kit designed to introduce kettlebell beginners to the best work out routines ever! KettleWorX Kick Start Training DVD is meant to turn your body into ultimate fitness machine by moving in 3 dimensions for a very effective whole body workout. If you missed Jillian Micheals Shred it with Weight DVD review, you should also consider it if you are looking for kettlebell workout targeted towards weight loss. Let us look at the feature of KettleWorX Kickstart Kit and find out if it is suitable for your home workout.

Features of KettleWorX Kickstart Kit

  • KettleWorX Kickstart Kit comes with 5-20lb premium KettleWorX Kettlebell that has a 30 minute training DVD and guide meant to turn any kettlebell novice to a professional.
  • The kit is meant to kick start your KettleWorX program through 3 unique 10 minute workouts focusing on cardio, core and build weight resistance and endurance. This is the kind of exercises that you will not see meticulously covered in most other kettlebell workout DVDs. You need KettleWorX Kickstart Kitfor you to achieve the much desired weight resistance and endurance.
  • KettleWorX Kickstart Kit features as cardio workout in 10-Minute cardio Super-charged approach that is intended to help with fat burning for total body fitness.
  • The kit also aims at the core in a  10-Minute tightening core and abs muscles workout ideal for people struggling to get the perfect abs as well as those people struggling with a bulging tummy fat and want to lose it like yesterday!
  • Finally, you get the resistance training in the 10-Minute weighted resistance that works on sculpting and toning the entire body for the best desired body.

Verdict – KettleWorX Kickstart Kit

KettleWorX Kickstart Kit is another awesome DVD since it is well illustrated and covers the three most important kettlebell workout exercises; cardio, weight resistance and muscle toning. This kettlebell DVD is good for beginners since it can be used as routine workout and it’s perfect for that role. The fact that it is priced together with a kettlebell makes it a great deal for those who do not have enough bucks to buy an adjustable kettlebell or standard kettlebell and a Kettlebell DVD separately. I would certainly recommend this kettlebell DVD for a beginner who wants to get started with kettlebell training and achieve great results. Check out KettleWorX Kickstart Kit on Amazon.

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