GoFit Brook Benton Kettlebody By Brook DVD Review

GoFit Brook Benton Kettlebody By Brook DVD Review

Kettlebody by Brook

Product Description

Kettlebody by Brook is one of the best 20 kettlebell workout DVDs series you may find to be very helpful especially for those new kettlebell users workout out at home. When I first heard about Kettlebody by Brook DVD I just dismissed it just like any other kettlebell DVD I have used for workout but when I closely looked at the content I discovered great value for money. If you are about to invest in an adjustable kettlebell or any of these standard kettlebells, you first need to figure out how you want to work out. The best workout is one that is driven by specific goals. If you don’t have enough resources to buy one of the best kettlebell training DVDs, you may want to start by watching my collection of FREE top 30 best kettlebell workout videos on YouTube or subscribe to any of these top 5 Kettlebell YouTube Channels. This should help you get started with kettlebell work out but a kettlebell Workout DVD like the unique Skogg System DVD will take your workout to the other level. Before we get lost, let’s first look at the features of Kettlebody by Brook and find out if it is an ideal kettlebell DVD for your home workout.

 Features of GoFit Brook Benton Kettlebody by Brook DVD

  • Kettlebody by Brook  is a boxed set of 3 DVDs that are designed for 30 minutes cardio workout, power workout and strength workout that are ideal for both men and women.
  • The kettlebell workouts intensively covered in Kettlebody by Brook includes Yoga burn that is a 30 minutes Yoga workout that is blended with athletic conditioning this gives you a full cardio workout as well as strength and flexibility training.
  • Kettlebody by Brook has a bell body sculpt workout that is 30-minutes of full-body toning that will help you tone all the muscle groups in your body. If this is your workout objective, then this kettlebell DVD is the best for you. You learn how to use your body weight in the workout and the kettlebell is suitable for even kettlebell beginners.
  • Kettlebody by Brook program is intended to be done sequentially, you should exercise for the cardio kettlebell training on the first day and the Yoga burn on the second day and the bell body sculpts on the third day. You should also repeat this exercises in that sequence in the 4th, 5th and the 6th day after which you should take a rest on the 7th
  • If you carefully follow thus kettlebell training routine outlined in Kettlebody by Brook program for 8 weeks without interruption you can be assured of the best body ever!
  • You also need to pay attention to your diet as you work out, eat a balanced diet during the entire period of exercises and after you achieved the “Kettlebody
  • GoFit is the company that has designed this workout product and therefore it is a quality kettlebell program since they produce high quality fitness products like the GOFit kettlebells and also offer people professional fitness training.

Verdict – GoFit Brook Benton Kettlebody by Brook DVD

This is one of the best kettlebell DVDs that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get that kettlebell body. I like the cardio, Yoga and strength training combination since it is designed to help you lose any stubborn tummy fat. Check out Kettlebody by Brook on Amazon and see what other customers say about it.

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