Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell 57.5 lb Combo

Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell 57.5 lb Combo

Iron Quick-lock kettlebell 1

Whether you are looking for sports training, fitness and strength training gears; Kettlebells are great gears that not only give you capabilities but also save space and avoid your workout space looking scattered. Adjustable kettlebells are some of the most popular types of kettlebells that are popular with most people due to their ability to help you save lots of space and money to have only one kettlebell rather than a bunch of different sizes of kettlebells.

Product description

The Ironmaster quick-lock kettlebell 57.5 lb combo is an adjustable kettlebell that comes with an Ironmaster quick-lock handle, quick-lock dumbbell weigh plates and locking screws. The locking screws make it possible for you to build up weight up to 57.5 lb. The locking screws of this adjustable kettlebell have been designed to quickly, tightly and safely lock the dumbbell weights to ensure that it is safe for you to swing the kettlebell around. The quick-lock handle is made of formed steel that is spread into the base for extra strength. The locking screws are designed to safely lock the dumbbell weighs without interfere with your grip.


  • Ironmaster quick-lock handle
  • Ironmaster quick-lock weighs plates
  • Ironmaster standard locking screws

Ironmaster quick-lock handle

The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell weighs 22.5 lbs empty and can hold the Quick-Lock Dumbbell weight plates using the same locking screws. The handle is designed big enough for two handed use but it is shaped for single hand. The handle is made of formed steel spread into the base for extra strength. The shape and ergonomics designed into this KB are the result of extensive R&D. It has a grip diameter of 1.375” and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ironmaster quick-lock weight plates

The Ironmaster quick-lock weigh plates are designed in a quick-lock design to ensure that you can easily and quickly increase the weight of the kettlebell by adding the weight plates. The weight plates are all metal construction and work well with the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells.

Iron Quick-lock kettlebell

Ironmaster standard locking screws

The Ironmaster standard locking screws help you to firmly and safely hold the weight plates. These locking screws can hold 22.5 – 57.5 lbs weight. For those who want to lift more than 57.5 lb weight, they can upgrade to the Quick-lock kettlebell add on Kit locking screws that can hold 57.5 – 80 lbs.

Iron Quick-lock kettlebell 2

How it works

The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell is a kettlebell system that is designed to work together with the Quick-Lock Dumbbells plates and standard locking screws. In most cases, the Quick-Lock Kettlebell handle is usually sold by itself. However, the 22.5 lb quick-lock handle cannot be used on its own thus the consumer is required to purchase the Quick-Lock Dumbbells plates if they do not have the plates already.

The dumbbell plates and the standard locking screws enable you to build up to 57.5 lbs weight. If you want to have a kettlebell that can hold more weight than 57.5 lb, you can purchase an add-on kit that can hold up to 80 lbs. of kettlebell weight.


  • Saves space
  • It is made of steel and iron thus it is very durable.
  • The Quick-lock kettlebell handle is designed for both single and double handed exercises
  • It is versatility and adjustable.
  • It is compatibility with quick-lock dumbbells thus if you already own the quick-lock dumbbells you will only need to purchase the quick-lock kettlebell handle which is cheaper.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The handle can feel heavy for some people especially women using this kettlebell for the first time. However, after a continued use you will feel comfortable using the kettlebell.
  • Some people claim that the locking screw become loose with some movements.


The Ironmaster Quick-Lock Kettlebell 57.5 lb combo is a highly rated adjustable kettlebell with a rating of 5 out of 5. It is a flexible and very adaptable kettlebell that will not only help you save space but it can help you out in sport or strength training at home. This adjustable kettlebell also helps you save money that you would use to purchase multiple kettlebells with different weight. It is also reasonably priced.

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