70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell by TDS

70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell by TDS

70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

Product Description

70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell is one of the best kettlebells from TDS which makes tough kettlebells with the widest handle you can ever come across in the industry. This is an exceptional kettlebell that is suitable for kettlebell junkies. 70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell is as tough as the kettlebell user should be and the design is good for single as well as double hands kettlebell exercises. The kettlebell handle curves inward allowing you to have maximum space for the best grip. You can use this kettlebell for a wide range of kettlebell exercises ranging from the light lifts and swings to the advanced kettlebell workouts. This is a unique product that is suitable for use at home and in a gym environment. Let us look at the specific features of 70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell.

 Features of 70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

  • 70 lb Wide Handle standard kettlebellis made from cast iron making it a very tough and durable kettlebell
  • The handle is carefully curved from solid metal and gives the maximum handle space that is required for single or double hands kettlebell exercises
  • The kettlebell also has other weight sizes like the 50lb wide handle kettlebell that is equally tough.
  • This kettlebell is suitable for tough or advance strength workouts or muscle building and is the ultimate tool you can use for this kind of exercises.
  • The weight of this kettlebell is 70 pounds and you can also get other weights of similar kettlebells from TDS
  • TDS kettlebells are not as popular as other brands but they have high quality products suitable for serious kettlebell users who are focused on advanced strength training.
  • 70 lb wide handle kettlebell is suitable for a garage gym or any other gym environment.
  • This kettlebell has the fastest shipping record I have seen in the entire industry. I would rate them as the number #1 in the best shipping customer feedback.

Verdict – 70 lb Wide Handle Kettlebell

This kettlebell is made by one of the best kettlebell brands known for making wide handle cast iron kettlebells. It is obviously a unique kettlebells that is suitable for anyone who wants to advance their strength training. The 70 pounds is a great weight for anyone who is a kettlebell beginner, in fact I would not recommend this kettlebell for a beginner but I would recommend it to any advanced kettlebell user who wants to improve their weight resistance with the overall objective of building strength. You can check out 70lb wide handle kettlebell on Amazon and learn more about it.

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